Re: A minor query?


Not quite, but similar.
When I invoke the ide it initially appears as a small window. If I click
maximize a larger window fills the screen but the ide window only occupies
the top left quadrant.
All I need to do before I click maximize is load any basic program, then
click maximize and it does it ok. I can then select new to remove the loaded
program. Its round the houses but it does work.

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On 12-02-2019 08:36, Leslie Baker wrote:
initially is in a smallish window, if I click the maximise button the
screen fills with the white window, but the actual ide area is only
about one quarter of that.
Here when running BBSDL on Windows 7 the 'chose IDE' window initially opens
twice the needed size then resizes within less than a second to the size
needed. When SDLIDE is selected there is a very brief flicker of a window
smaller than needed, then the correct size IDE window is drawn, smaller than
full screen.

If I click 'maximize', the window maximises, and the IDE area appears within
it for about a second, then it is redrawn filling the window.
Is that what you mean? It was a bit fiddly to capture this:

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