Re: Problem with SWAP on Android using BBCSDL

Richard Russell

On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 10:15 AM, alan836975 wrote:
And the thing I miss most about BBCSDL is not having any menu/dialog calls. That stops me dead.
What a strange thing to say.  Dialogue boxes are quite well supported in BBCSDL: there's a library ('') and an example program ('') which are supplied with all the desktop editions.  '', 'compiler,bbc', '' and '' all use dialogue boxes, or components thereof (e.g. list boxes) created using the supplied library.  The syntax is deliberately very similar to that used by the WINLIB2 library so porting existing code is usually straightforward (although there's no combobox, so you would need to fabricate it from a textbox and a listbox if you required one).

It's true that there is currently no library support for menus, but both '' and '' have drop-down menus so code can be borrowed from them or quite easily written from scratch (a menu is little more than a clickable text viewport).  If somebody would like to contribute a menu library, either written from scratch or containing code taken from, say, '' I would be more than happy to consider including it (the latest release of BBCSDL contains a user-supplied TreeView control as you know). 

Anyway, when asking about features 'missing' from BBCSDL I am of course talking about BBC BASIC language features.  No version of BBC BASIC has ever had built-in support for menus or dialogue boxes, or indeed any kind of GUI.  If that's what you are after, consider a language like Liberty BASIC (or LB Booster) which does.

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