Re: Problem with ellipsefill on Android using BBCSDL 1.00a

Richard Russell

On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 07:19 AM, Jon Welch wrote:
Perhaps Gavin and others can confirm if their devices work with this change.
I see a post from him, but it's empty so we don't know one way or the other!

Thanks for all your help Richard in getting to the bottom of this problem.
Sadly we haven't got to the "bottom" of anything!  There's no 'science' in increasing the number of line segments, if it has an effect it's presumably a fluke and just as likely to make things worse rather than better.  If a couple more members report that it helps I'll release a new version with that change to make it easier for others to test.  But I'd need a lot of feedback before feeling confident enough to call it a fix, albeit an empirical one.

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