Re: Problem with ellipsefill on Android using BBCSDL 1.00a

lettersquash <j.r.freestone@...>

Hi Richard and Jon,
Just a bit more info in case it's of help. I've installed the 1.00b since this last tweak on two Android devices. On my phone, cheap Chinese Homtom HT Pro3, with Android 5.1? (5.something anyway), I also get improved elipses, but with occasional ones (mainly near-horizontal aspect, but one or two near vertical) that fail and cause the background to flash when these come round to be drawn again. On my other device, a Galaxy Tab (model SM-T210) running Android 4.4.2, they are drawn perfectly. At least, I assume so, I haven't had time to actually read the code yet, but I'm guessing they aren't meant to stay on the screen forming a daisy shape - on this machine they are drawn, undrawn (or the screen is cleared, but presumably that wouldn't have failed and I saw you mention reversing colours with GCOL3...) and then the next drawn. On my phone, they're not undrawn, so you end up with a multi-coloured daisy. Very pretty. ;)

Before updating, my phone showed mostly outlines IIRC. I'm not sure I tried on the Tab before this update.

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