Re: Problem with ellipsefill on Android using BBCSDL 1.00a

Richard Russell

On Tue, Feb 5, 2019 at 02:49 PM, Richard Russell wrote:
Out of interest, what does '' report for the 'Pixel format' and 'BitsPerPixel'?
Another test which might be of value is to try 'normal' plotting rather than the exclusive-or plotting that the example uses.  That is, to change GCOL 3,RND(15) to GCOL 0,RND(15) . That will bypass many of the messy SDL API calls in the ellipse library, and allow you to concentrate on the failing flood fill itself.  Incidentally, does the example (in the games directory) work on your phone?  That makes extensive use of flood-fills so might be expected to fail too if that is where the problem lies.

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