Re: Should I bundle with the Android edition? #poll

Richard Russell

On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 08:55 am, R.E. wrote:
 I just found your web site and downloaded the free version and the Paid version. 
You might want to download the free BBCSDL too.  There are pros and cons compared with BB4W: BBCSDL doesn't provide access to the Windows API but it does give you access to SDL's high-performance 2D games engine.  So for example David Williams' prizewinning Forces of Darkness game needed his own assembly-language graphics library to run in BB4W, but in BBCSDL it required only BASIC code.

These days I try to write programs so that they will run in either BB4W or BBCSDL without modification.  That's usually pretty easy, although occasionally I need to include a conditional test so that different code can be executed according to the platform.  For example in the names of the 3D graphics library and its initialisation routine are different depending on the platform, so there is conditional code to allow for that.


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