Re: Should I bundle with the Android edition? #poll

Richard Russell

On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 08:32 am, R.E. wrote:
So is there a way I can get BBC Basic and put it on my windows 7 machine?
For Windows your options are the free trial version of 'BBC BASIC for Windows' (BB4W), the full paid-for version of BB4W or the freeware 'BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0' (BBCSDL); all are available from the website.  The Rubik's cube program will run on the second or third option, but not on the trial version of BB4W because there is insufficient memory.  

Does it have a compiler to make stand alone programs? 

Of the three options, only the paid-for version of BB4W currently supports creating standalone Windows executables.  On the other hand developing programs using BBCSDL offers the prospect of creating standalone Android apps!


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