Re: Invitation to test the iOS edition of BBC BASIC

Richard Russell

On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 08:07 am, Storer, Darren wrote:
Seemingly/annoyingly the UDID "finder" family of 3rd party apps stopped working after iOS 7.
Had Apple wanted the UDID to be discoverable on the device itself they would have displayed it in the settings!  For whatever reason (and I've given up trying to decode Apple's motives) they evidently don't think that is desirable, so any app that does it is presumably using some undocumented and unsupported method.  It's hardly surprising, therefore, that it stops working after an iOS update (and frankly I don't know how it got into the App Store in the first place).

Of all the platforms on which I am trying to support BBC BASIC, the Apple ones (both Mac OS and iOS) give me far more grief than the others.  I wouldn't say I am an 'Apple hater' but I am far from being a fan of their Big Brother, 'we know best', attitude to everything.


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