Re: Invitation to test the iOS edition of BBC BASIC

Storer, Darren

For previous iOS app testing projects I've used UDID finder (link below) but of course, Richard's method to find the UDID is just as valid:



On 6 March 2018 at 22:21, Richard Russell <news@...> wrote:
I think I've figured out how to distribute beta-test copies of 'BBC BASIC for iOS', within the constraints imposed by Apple anyway.  The main restrictions are that every tester must be individually registered by me, and that the test version times out after 60 days (or is it 90, I'm not sure) unless I release an update.

If anybody would like to try it, the minimum requirement is a 64-bit iOS device, so that means an iPhone 5S or later, or an iPad Air or later.  Please don't ask whether it will run on anything older, IT WON'T!

If you have a suitable device, and would like to try the app, please send me a personal email (do not post here) containing the UDID of your device.  To discover the UDID (consisting of 40 letters and numbers) you will need to perform the following steps:

1.  Connect your device to a PC or Mac running iTunes, as you would to sync music or photos.
2.  When the device has been recognised by iTunes, click on the corresponding icon that appears.
3.  The Serial Number will be displayed; this is NOT what I need.  Click on the Serial Number to reveal the UDID.
4.  Right click (on a PC, I'm not sure what the equivalent is on a Mac) and copy the UDID to the clipboard.
5.  Paste the UDID into an email and send it to me.

I should be able to tell whether the UDID is valid, but try not to make any mistakes (copying-and-pasting is far preferable to typing it in)!  I will reply to your email with installation instructions.

I'm sorry the process is rather involved, but blame Apple rather than me.


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