Re: Invitation to test the iOS edition of BBC BASIC

Richard Russell

On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 04:11 am, caffey wrote:
I have a iPod Touch that I would like to test this on.
I didn't mention iPods because only the very last iteration ('6th generation') has a 64-bit CPU and receives OS updates.  If that is what you have, I will keep an eye out for your email.  

I'm not 100% but I thought Apple had something called TestFlight
> that made it easier to install beta type apps. 

TestFlight is not appropriate because it requires the app to meet App Store requirements (it gets reviewed just like an App Store submission) which it is unlikely BBC BASIC could meet.  It is also more intended for professional app developers (with a limit of 10,000 beta testers I think!) so really is in a completely different league.  With an absolute maximum of (I would guess) a dozen people interested in BBC BASIC for iOS the method I am using is the right one.


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