Re: Testers wanted

Richard Russell

On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 04:23 am, John Nolan wrote:
I would love to be able to do BBC Basic on an iPad, and give you feedback, as and when.
I'm still investigating what I can do that doesn't fall foul of Apple's very restrictive conditions.  They allow time-limited beta testing, so long as the testers are individually appointed and registered, but there are dire warnings of the consequences if one tries to use it as a way of bypassing the app store.

> I may have a section where there are stand alone versions of programs
> compiled using bb4w. But would this infringe any of your copyrights  ?

No; there's not a lot of point in being able to 'compile' a program to a standalone executable if you're not then free to distribute it any way you wish!


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