Re: BBC BASIC for iOS?

Storer, Darren

Hi Richard,

Just a quick thought about the iOS back button challenge... Some of the apps that I use implement an Android style back button functionality by using the "undo" feature that was introduced a few years ago. If you are entering text into an application such as iMessage, and you make a mistake, you can "undo" the input by shaking the iPhone from left to right rapidly.

You can disable the iOS undo function (accessibility settings) but it is enabled by default.

Currently I am snowbound in Edinburgh, without an Android phone to test the APK routine (my mistake) but I have a couple of iOS devices with me if you need any testing.

Hope this helps


On 28 February 2018 at 23:15, Richard Russell <news@...> wrote:
Playing with the iPhone (I realise it's rather like communing with the Devil!) has at least answered one question: what to do about the absence of the Android 'back' button.  Other apps which require that functionality, including Apple's own 'Settings' app, seem to have established a convention of providing a back button in the top-left corner (sometimes bottom-left, such as in Safari) consisting of a simple 'chevron' or less-than symbol.  It shouldn't be difficult for BBC BASIC to overlay a similar button; there will be occasions when it obscures something important but experimentally rotating the device from portrait to landscape usually moves it out of the way.


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