Re: dlgdemo with keypad



I had a hunch you might say something like this. It's coming home to me that my mindset for writing Android apps is quite inappropriate. Trouble is, I have spent a lot of time over the last 4-5 years getting to know BB4W well, and along the way learning a lot about the Windows API. And enjoying it.

I'm now realising that I need to approach the Android world quite differently, and it's time to go back to basics -- after all, my 11-year old grandson can stand his Android on its head with some very impressive apps! He must get the same kind of buzz that I used to experience when persuading machine code to work on very simple process control systems way back in the 1960s.


On 28/02/2018 14:42, Richard Russell wrote:
As I said before, dialogue boxes are largely foreign to Android; I don't think I've seen a single Android app with what could be described as a conventional dialogue box as part of its UI.  For that reason it would probably have been better if I had omitted from the Android edition; it's there because it's included with all the 'desktop' editions and I forgot to remove it, for want of a better explanation.
Are you writing a cross-platform app, i.e. one that is intended to run both on Android and on some or all of the desktop platforms?  In that case I could perhaps be persuaded that a dialogue box is a sensible choice.  But if it's an Android-specific app I would have thought something more tailored to a touchscreen interface, and more typical of other Android apps, would be better.

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