Re: Testers wanted

Richard Russell

The facts here are that two of the most experienced and most knowledgeable BBC BASIC users struggled so badly to get my utility working that they were both unable to without extensive help from me.  I can confidently say that most people would find it more difficult, not less, than they did.

I assume the 'string too long' is still an issue

I've left the 'workaround' code in place, so it should no longer affect the operation of the loader program ( but it could still of course affect the operation of users' own programs if they are also using the $addr kind of 'fixed string'.

> I would beg you not to deny it to the rest of us.

I'll do a deal with you: if - despite the deadline having passed - I receive encouraging feedback from some of the others who offered to test it, but have not yet responded, I will reconsider my decision not to release it.  However given the lack of response and general apathy I do wonder whether the "rest of us" actually amounts to 'nobody'.

Please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version (0.32) which has some changes that should ameliorate a few of the problems encountered.


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