Re: Testers wanted

Paul Marshall

On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 03:35 pm, Richard Russell wrote:

Richard, you have nothing to be sorry about. As one of those who has been in communication with you let me state publicly that you've have created a superbly useful tool.
Yes  there were some difficulties, all centred around filenames. If these snags appeared to be negative it wasnt meant too, I regret that one simple error creates a chain of emails!

Now that we know the following it is not an issue any longer:

  • filenames must not start with a dot
  • filenames must not contain spaces
  • filenames are case sensitive

Some problems with  the package name have been resolved. It might put some people off if they think they need to have a website but it doesnt appear to matter what the company name is.

I have turned two programs into Android apps really without any other real problems. Admittedly they were old Acorn programs with nothing particularly clever and no Windows api calls, but it's good experience for the future. And - although you will criticise me for this - I didnt even test my latest program on the Android first. Such is the ease of compiling that I prefer to make changes in Windows SDL compile, install and test on the tablet. Thats because although TouchIDE is useful I am a dyed-in-the-wool Windows user and find it much easier.

I assume the 'string too long' is still an issue but if it works on the majority of devices and only fails on one or two I would beg you not to deny it to the rest of us.

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