Re: Should I bundle with the Android edition? #poll

Richard Russell

On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 01:09 am, dai_m_leeds wrote:
I looked at the BBCSDL download page,where it says the download is 7.3 MB,
That page is out of date; you will find that I state in my release announcement that the size is 8.1 Mbytes (as a rule it increases at each new release).

> Obviously if that compresses quite substantially

I stated in the poll question "
there are 6 Mbytes of data tables (less when zipped)" and I'm sure you know that it is not uncommon for Zip to halve the length of a file.  As it turns out that's almost exactly what it achieves in this case.  So the 34% increase should be about right.


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