Re: 64 bit MAC software.

Richard Russell

On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 01:59 am, J.G.Harston wrote:
losing features risks killing the usability of 35 years of carefully accumulated libraries of code.
Nobody (I hope) is suggesting "losing" features, but of changes being required to support a 64-bits platform, which introduce incompatibilities.  Here's a more practical example, indeed a change which I have found myself making over and over again in the last couple of days:

      DIM mem% size%
      OSCLI "LOAD " + file$ + " " + STR$~mem% + " +" + STR$~size%

When run on a 64-bit platform this reports 'Number too big' because the address of the memory reserved by DIM cannot be stored in the 32-bit integer mem%, so the first change required is this:

      DIM mem%% size%
      OSCLI "LOAD " + file$ + " " + STR$~mem%% + " +" + STR$~size%

The 'Number too big' error no longer occurs, but now an 'Address out of range' error is reported because STR$~ cannot convert the address to a long enough hexadecimal number.  This requires another change:

      *HEX 64
      DIM mem%% size%

      OSCLI "LOAD " + file$ + " " + STR$~mem%% + " +" + STR$~size%
      *HEX 32

Now the code runs again, and fortunately it's still compatible with 32-bit BASIC (with the extra *HEX 32, anyway).

This is typical of the sort of change that is going to be required, and that requirement is going to be very widespread.


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