Re: 64 bit MAC software.


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Richard Weir via Groups.Io wrote:
I would be happy to do this. I have abandoned all my old projects in
recent years due to family stresses* (I am caring for my parents, both
in their 80s), and if I were to resume coding I would quite happily
use a 64-bit version of BB4W, regardless of compatibility with old
Compatability changes that is a version of BB4W that has features that are not available on old versions is fine, but losing features risks killing the usability of 35 years of carefully accumulated libraries of code. If (eg) in%=OPENIN(file$) or PRINT "The answer is ";total% disappear because you ""should"" do SYS "FileOpen",IO_READ,!^file$ and SYS hwin%,htext0%,GUI_PAINTSTRING,"The answer is "+STR$total% would be a backward step and change what BB4W is.

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