Re: 64 bit MAC software.

Paul Marshall

On Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 02:52 pm, Richard Russell wrote:
I need - somehow - to get people to take an interest in the 64-bit question,
I know nothing of what challenges this involves but in my view it is time to create a new product optimised for 64 bit but compatible where possible. Call it say BB64 with a new logo and new filetype to emphasise it is not compatible and allow opening by 'double-clicking'. ( .B64 is taken but .BB6 is available - just a thought). An incompatible version of the present BBC Basic would be a bad thing.
Even when 32bit support ceases the machines themselves will be around for a very long time and the 32bit and 64bit versions can and should co-exist, in the interim on the same machine. Horses for courses! We have done extremely well to retain backwards compatibility for so long and Mictosoft is to be congratulated for that at least.
I am not a Mac user so for totally selfish reasons I prefer you to focus on windows and SDL

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