Re: 64 bit MAC software.

Richard Weir

dai_m_leeds said " ...  I think we need to bite the bullet ... ".

I would be happy to do this. I have abandoned all my old projects in recent years due to family stresses* (I am caring for my parents, both in their 80s), and if I were to resume coding I would quite happily use a 64-bit version of BB4W, regardless of compatibility with old versions.

I also feel (without any evidence to support my intuition) that it might aid takeup of BB4W by new coders.

Incidentally, while I can't promise that I will be coding in any particular time-frame, I would be happy to pay for a new license in recognition of the amount of work involved in creating such a new product, and hope I will have opportunity to sit and kick some lazy old braincells back in to life!

Best regards,

Richard Weir.

* (This is one reason I am very quiet in this group and elsewhere.)

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