Re: 64 bit MAC software.

Richard Russell

On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 07:39 am, R NBW wrote:
I don't like the MacOS much and I'm always glad to get back to Windows.
Me too!   However Linux is even worse, IMHO.  At least Macs are standardised and a self-contained application package (such as BBCBasic.dmg) will install and run on pretty much every Mac since they switched to using x86 CPUs - albeit that recent versions of MacOS will issue scary security warnings!

With the exception of DDRM - and I think he was referring to 64-bit BBC BASIC in general rather than specifically for the Mac - it sounds as though there won't be any great upset when MacOS finally drops support for 32-bit apps, if that means BBC BASIC ceases to be available.

However the same is not, I'm sure, going to be true of Android, which I understand will also mandate 64-bit apps in the next year or so (although it's not clear whether that applies only to App Store validity, and if so when support for 32-bit apps might be dropped altogether).


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