Re: 64 bit MAC software.

Richard Russell

On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 04:37 am, dai_m_leeds wrote:
I think we need to bite the bullet
You've said the same before, and I've noted it, but you've been a lone voice in that opinion so far.  If I believed that most BBC BASIC users were prepared to "bite the bullet" - that is to accept the need to modify many of their programs and learn 'new ways' of doing things - the decision would be easy.  But I suspect, and fear, that a large majority of users are in fact quite change-averse.  How many dyed-in-the-wool BB4W users have even taken enough interest in BBCSDL to install it on their Windows PCs, despite the compatibility with BB4W being excellent in comparison?  Even you, I think, have been reluctant to embrace BBCSDL.


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