Re: The next steps in installing apps on the Android phone


Thanks Richard

Since my last message I have taken another look at your BBCSDL examples, and realised that the DLGDEMO you provided was what I was looking for. I will take a closer look at the code to see how you have adapted the bbc program for Android.

Re the other libraries, yes please email them to me, at g3nrw@...

However, I encountered a minor snag re getting libraries into the @lib folder on the phone. I can copy any file I see in @usr, but there is no matching paste function. More digging needed.

Ian, G3NRW

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On 21/02/2018 14:12, Richard Russell wrote:
On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 05:37 am, Richard Russell wrote:
all the BB4W libraries that can be straightforwardly adapted for
BBCSDL already have been, and are supplied.
Just a clarification to that.  In the release announcement for BBCSDL v0.20a I stated that the 'timerlib' and 'eventlib' libraries are now included, and so they are but owing solely to my stupidity they *aren't* in the Android edition.  If you want either of those libraries, then you can copy them from (say) the Windows edition of BBCSDL onto an Android device and they should work.  I will correct the omission in a future release, if there is one.

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