Re: The next steps in installing apps on the Android phone

Richard Russell

On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 04:16 am, Ian_Wade_G3NRW wrote:
I have successfully copied one of your original examples DLGDEMO.BBC from the PC into the *@usr$* folder
In fact there is a version of DLGDEMO, already adapted for BBCSDL, supplied as one of the example programs (in the 'examples/general' folder).  Whilst it works in Android, I don't believe it brings up the on-screen keyboard so entering text probably requires an external (e.g. Bluetooth) keyboard.  Dialogue boxes are somewhat foreign to Android.

>  how do I get library files into the *@lib$* folder?

The easiest way is initially to copy them into the @usr$ folder, e.g. via a USB link as you have been doing, and once there to transfer them into the @lib$ folder using the facilities available within ''. So, long-press on the file in @usr$, select 'Cut' from the menu, navigate to the @lib$ folder, long-press in the empty area, and select 'Paste' from the menu. These instructions can also be found at the web site.

However I wouldn't expect that often to be useful, because all the BB4W libraries that can be straightforwardly adapted for BBCSDL already have been, and are supplied. Any libraries that aren't already included are either practically impossible to port (e.g. those that are fundamentally tied to Windows, such as GDIPLIB) or would be so difficult that even I haven't attempted it!


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