Re: The next steps in installing apps on the Android phone


Hmmmm. Understood about the Immediate Mode.

Re "closing and restarting BBC BASIC", I still don't see how to do that. I have the ">" command screen and the keypad visible again now. Pressing the Android back key just displays another "Escape" message then another ">" on the command screen.

If I then press the Android refresh key, the BBC Basic icon re-appears, but when I click on that it doesn't restart Basic. It just returns to the command screen I've been trying to escape from.

I will now go away and experiment some more before coming back here for more help. I'm sure most of my problems are due to not yet fully understanding this new-fangled smart phone.


On 20/02/2018 15:57, Richard Russell wrote:
On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 07:35 am, Ian_Wade_G3NRW wrote:
I had to power down the phone and start it again to restore proper
That sounds bad!  That's never been required here, and nor should it. When you say "to restore proper control" to what extent was full control not returned by closing-and-restarting BBC BASIC?  That should have re-initialised everything.

I now see the helpful instruction to press the Android back key twice to escape.
No, that's not going to help you - it's specifically to get you back to the menu after *deliberately* entering immediate mode. But it won't have that effect on a crash or an accidental exit to immediate mode.
Before you go any further I would experiment with repeatedly closing and re-opening BBC BASIC. That should be absolutely fine, just as it should be with all other apps, and any 'loss of control' requiring a reboot indicates that something is seriously wrong.

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