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Me too. You are a goldmine of information, Richard.

I have just acquired a Galaxy J3(2016), Android v5.1.1, with apparently no intention/possibility to provide v6 or later (the phone is the basic model, with only 8GB internal memory, and possibly too slow for v6 upwards). However, this phone is one giant leap for mankind -- for the previous 20+ years I have been using a Nokia Marsbar -- so I am still finding my way around it. Main reason for buying the Samsung was the frustration of sending texts on the 3-letters-per-key keypad on the Nokia!

Keep your information coming, please!

Ian, G3NRW

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On 19/02/2018 06:33, Kendall Castor-Perry wrote:
>> Is this kind of analysis useful?
Highly, at several levels.  I will never tire of posts like that.

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