Re: Dibley

Richard Russell

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 09:23 am, Robin Hodson wrote:
When I searched for mentions of the forum, 197 matches came up,
This is a support group for 'BBC BASIC for Windows' and 'BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0'.  Both those programs (in their desktop variants, anyway) have Help menus in which can be found links to the website, the wiki, the discussion group and the forum.  Therefore I do not consider it necessary to refer to their locations explicitly, since anybody here should simply be able to click on the relevant item in the Help menu and be taken straight there.

 I repeat the result here in case others couldn't find it either:
That's the forum from which I was effectively expelled and to which I cannot post!  It's somewhat unfortunate, from my point of view, that it came higher in the search results than 'my' forum, but I suppose that reflects the popularity of a forum from which the author of the software is excluded and where people can feel more able to be honest.  


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