Re: Testers wanted

Robin Hodson

On 13/2/2018 2223, Richard Russell wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 12:32 pm, Robin Hodson wrote:
> 4396800
> The failure is apparently happening when the main program '' is
> CHAINed, and the 'String too long' message makes me wonder whether for
> some reason the file paths are exceptionally long on your device -
> perhaps the file-system hierarchy is deeper than usual. To test that
> hypothesis, which I'm by no means confident of, I've rebuilt FOD.apk
> with a larger path name buffer. Perhaps you would be kind enough to
> download it (from the same link as before) and let me know if it makes
> any difference.

Still says "String too long" as before.

Not much difference with memory pointers:


I know the APK file is different because the filesize is different.
vers1: 40,929,490 bytes
vers2: 40,774,645 bytes

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