Saving an area of the screen

Paul Marshall

On the Archimedes I would often use use the Sprite graphics system to place bitmaps on the screen, selecting with *SCHOOSE and usually plotting with PLOT&ED. I could save the background screen to a temporary sprite with *SGET temp so it could be used later to 'remove' the graphic object..
On BB4W and BBCSDL my workaround is to save the graphics as separate bitmap files and plot them with *DISPLAY.  Likewise I can save the background to a file with *SCREENSAVE. My Dibley program works this way, it works well and is a simple conversion.
I am a bit uneasy about using the hard drive in this way instead of keeping the bitmaps in memory. On a tablet/phone it is almost certainly solid state so doesnt matter, and it may be cached somewhere anyway but I wondered if this is the best way handle the bitmaps. Any thoughts? 

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