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Richard Russell wrote:
If you would like to volunteer let me know.
I've just done a refresh of my BB4W and BBCSDL on my laptop and my Android thingy to test coding on it. The programs I've been testing work so far in the main, but there are a few issues mainly with the environment they are running in.

A few of some of them expect command line parameters (eg AsmPDP). I've been trying to write a sort-of shell so these programs can be given parameters to run with.

Most expect that *Quit takes you back to somewhere where you can run another program, or to a caller.

It's frustrating that *Quit takes me back to the Android main screen and I have to re-run Basic, I've just accidently done it again just now when testing. It then means having to restart Basic and trekking all the way through the filesystem to find my files again.

My file picker defines a key to re-CHAIN itself in a similar way that the ones supplied do, but it's so easy to forget to press it and stop your muscle memory typing *Quit, and that's no help for programs that are coded to exit with *Quit. It's not a very satisfactory solution to rewrite everything to include something like:

IF on this one envirotnment THEN do something complicated ELSE *Quit

It would be more useful if *Quit could be definable to do something specific to the platform so it could configured to do, eg, 'sdlbbc path\to\'. Then I would be back to an environment where I could continue navigating and selecting/editing/running programs. Comparable to working on a desktop where you effectively get back to a filer window where you can continue navigating, or even old-style returning to a command prompt and continue *DIR, *CAT, LOAD, RUN, etc.

Another annoyance is that *Quit takes me back to some unknown part of the filesystem that I have to navigate out of to find my files, though this is probably an Android issue. I have to go to @usr\..\..\..\..\ to find the visible part of the filesystem.

I transfered a bunch of code onto my tablet by plugging it into my PC as a storage device and copying things to \Downloads\Basic. However, when Basic starts I have to navigate out of where it starts to find \Downloads\Basic, and when I forget and use *Quit to exit a program I have to go all the way through again. I tried to copy my files into where Basic starts up, intending to add a 'mycode' directory to 'examples', but it I can't find its location. It seems to be "above" the root directory that is visible when transfering data over. I can navigate to it on the tablet with the various BBC BASIC file pickers, but can't navigate to it from an environment where I can copy and move files around.

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