Testers wanted

Richard Russell

I am developing a software tool which will automatically convert a BBC BASIC program to an Android app. My objective is to make it as straightforward to create an APK file for Android as it is to create an EXE file for Windows using BB4W! Enough of it is working to give me confidence that I will succeed: here is an APK for David Williams' Forces of Darkness game that I made this way (40 Mbytes):


Because the user-interface is such an important aspect of the program I would like to invite people to try it out and give me their feedback before it is formally released. The prerequisites are that you must have written a BBC BASIC program which you have confirmed works on an Android device (using BBCSDL), and that you have a relatively modern Windows PC which has Java 1.7 or later installed (or on which you are happy to install Java).

If you would like to volunteer let me know.


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