Re: BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 v0.20a released

Richard Russell

On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 04:39 am, Mark Hannah wrote:
I purchased BBC4W when it first became available

The thread to which you are replying is not connected with 'BBC BASIC for Windows', it is announcing a new release of 'BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0', so I think you are posting in the wrong place.  If your question relates specifically to BB4W, please start a new topic (and even if it is about BBCSDL, I think the subject matter deserves its own topic anyway).

Can you tell me if data scraping web pages is possible using BBC4W
and if so can you provide a link to tutorials.

It's certainly "possible" (almost anything is!) and indeed I've done it myself, although I 'cheated' by using BBC BASIC to automate Internet Explorer!  You may prefer to do it via a more direct route such as API calls to Windows DLLs.   But there are too many different possible approaches for you to find a tutorial that covers it I expect.

Assuming the web pages you want to 'scrape' are pretty straightforward (by which I mean not dependent on JavaScript to deliver dynamic or interactive content, and the like) I would be inclined simply to download the page(s) to a local file and then parse the contents of that file.  The Wiki covers downloading from a URL in some detail.


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