locked Re: Splash Screen Poll #poll

Chris Shipman

I would certainly not support the view that programming is now only relevant to 'a technically minded few'. In a world where the Arduino platform has transformed hobby electronics beyond recognition, it's clear that there is a huge potential user base, provided that there is a clear incentive / purpose in programming.

As for whether there is a place for BASIC, the popularity of MS Office VBA seems to suggest that there's life in the old language yet. BBC BASIC remains extraordinarily versatile and powerful. It can't be impossible to gain widespread interest in BBC SDL, though I'm not saying that it's easy.

I think that the 'killer app' concept is the right one, with the additional thought that the key might be a real world application  (in the sense of 'purpose') rather than just a striking piece of software.

I for one would hate to see such an excellent development of such a fine language to fade away due to lack of interest. 

Chris Shipman. 

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