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Richard Russell

On Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 03:59 am, Paul Marshall wrote:
none of the small number of children I know have any interest in computing
You mean 'programming' I assume: the 'smartphone generation' can hardly survive without "computing"!  Not everybody is going to be interested in programming, any more than they are going to retain a specific interest in any other subject they are taught at school.  But some will, and Python is probably the language they will have learned; there really isn't that much difference between Python and (modern) BBC BASIC.

Ceefax, Mode 7 demos etc might excite us oldies but mean nothing to the younger generation.
I don't disagree, but demo programs need to appeal to a wide range of ages and interests. It would not, in my opinion, be sensible to target one specific demographic (e.g. the "younger generation") in the selection of demo programs.  And to respond to an earlier comment I do actually choose to read the news via the CEEFAX program because I find it easier to digest without all the distracting adverts and images.

David Williams FOD is exactly what we need but sadly is a bit big to bundle
His Dropperz game is bundled with BBC BASIC and there may be others small enough to include if he will grant permission.

It was to be honest a bit of a pain to install FOD on the TV
I can't speak for your TV but it's pretty straightforward to get it onto a phone or tablet.  First, download the ZIP file (e.g. FODSDL.zip) onto your PC and extract the contents into their own folder (that is usually the default extract action).  Now connect the PC to your Android device using a USB lead - generally the supplied charging lead is suitable.  Finally, move the FODSDL folder into BBC BASIC's @usr$ directory using cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop in Windows File Explorer.  Disconnect the USB lead and the job's done!

If you want to do it 'wirelessly', without needing a PC, you can do the same thing on the Android device itself with the help of an app like ES File Explorer to extract the ZIP.


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