locked Re: Splash Screen Poll #poll

Paul Marshall

Sorry to appear so negative. I am pleased it is still taught in schools - how would I know but none of the small number of children I know have any interest in computing - and I am not surprised at all that there are still niche markets for professional software.  I am excited about the future of BBC Basic on the Android platform and RPI  (I'm not a Apple or Linux user) Thats why I spend time on my tablet, amazon Fire and now my Android TV. Being able to play from the comfort of my armchair appeals!  I am however trying to promote a debate on how we can make it appeal to the younger person. Ceefax, Mode 7 demos etc might excite us oldies but mean nothing to the younger generation. David Williams FOD is exactly what we need but sadly is a bit big to bundle. Therefore we could do with a  more efficient way to download programs to the device and have them appear in the programs list. It was to be honest a bit of a pain to install FOD on the TV.  Having done so yes it was a bit sluggish but still playable and a brilliant demo of the capabilities nonetheless. 

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