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Richard Russell

On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 02:49 pm, wilsr747 wrote:
Paul: I do agree. I'm not saying I like it, but we have to face facts.
What "facts"?  Neither you nor Paul has produced any facts, just opinions (to which you are entitled, but that's all they are).  On the other hand I have produced facts: that BBC BASIC is taught in schools today, that BBC BASIC has been compared favourably with Python for teaching programming, that commercial applications are still being developed in BBC BASIC.  Why don't you face those facts and accept that BBC BASIC does indeed have a relevance today?  Not a huge one - nobody is suggesting that - but one which justifies its continued development and promotion, and is a cause for some optimism.

BBC BASIC for Windows is a tour de force but sadly I don't see the user base increasing much.
I don't suppose it will, indeed not surprisingly it is falling, but BBC BASIC for Windows is not the product that is currently under development!   That is BBCSDL, which supports new platforms and new capabilities (notably being integrated with a high-performance 2D games engine) and opens up new possibilities.  It has been demonstrated that it is capable of creating apps (e.g. for Android) that can compete with those made using more 'modern' techniques.  Would you deny people that opportunity?


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