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Richard Russell

On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 04:25 am, Paul Marshall wrote:
But those days are gone.
Are they?  At last year's International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam and at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) exhibition in Las Vegas, Shotoku demonstrated their Free-d² camera tracking system for use in television studios.  That same system was installed in a BBC studio in Northern Ireland only a couple of years ago.  Do you know what it's programmed in?  Yes, BBC BASIC for Windows!

We just need that killer app!
Would you not agree that David Williams' game 'Forces of Darkness' comes close to qualifying?  Not only did it win First Prize in a recent games programming competition, against all-comers, but I was able to make a version for BBCSDL consisting of 100% BBC BASIC code, having a comparable performance to the original.  In how many languages (old or new) could you write a game like that which would run without modification on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and Raspberry Pi?

Shoot-em-up video games and professional broadcasting facilities may not be your 'thing', and there's unlikely to be one 'killer app' that convinces everybody, but these two very different examples demonstrate the power and continued relevance of BBC BASIC today.  I know only too well how easy - and sometimes appealing - it can be to complain about how things used to be so much better in our youth and how we must abandon all hope.  But there is plenty of good news about BBC BASIC and you could choose to be more positive about it.


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