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David GM6BIG

Hi Richard, Paul

I recall when I worked for the BBC the BBC micro we had supplied was green screen.
A mod I think to bring out the video meant for the modulator, directly to a cheap green mono monitor.
I guess my departmentv was not worthy of colour !
(It didnt last long an a colour CUB (?) monitor was "aquired").

Im sure the heritage will catch the eye of many when browsing through the store.
It is indeed far more capable than many of the other BASIC's.

Cheers, DAvid

On 03/02/2018 12:57, Richard Russell wrote:
On Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 04:34 am, Paul Marshall wrote:

my first use of BBC Basic was on a green screen

On a BBC Micro?  That must have been quite untypical because most people either connected it to a TV at home or to an RGB monitor at school.  I primarily associate green screens with mainframe terminals or early PCs.

I am happy to change it to a white page of coloured syntax for a
more modern look.

It's too late to change anything, I'm afraid.  Apart from not wanting to assume that a modified version would attract as much support (and I'm not going to re-run the poll!) I've now got it on all my Android devices for testing.  It's not growing on me, I'm sorry to say, but I bow to the majority opinion.

I think the heritage is a selling point

Do you really think so?  In 2018?  Running on Android?  Honestly I wouldn't expect the majority of people who might be attracted to such a product even to have heard of the BBC Micro.  If BBC BASIC has any future it's not by appealing to 50+ year olds nostalgic about a home computer that they fondly remember from their youth.


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