Re: 64-bit BBC BASIC (again)

Richard Russell

On Fri, Dec 8, 2017 at 09:39 am, Cecil Bayona wrote:
Internally what is the assembler written in, Basic, Assembler, or something else?
The 32-bit x86 assembler in BB4W is itself written in assembly language; the ARM assembler in the Android and Raspberry Pi editions of BBCSDL is written in C.  But I'm in no position to dictate the language in which an x86_64 assembler should be written, it could no doubt be translated if necessary.  In any case, assemblers are often dominated by data tables (for example a list of valid opcode and operand combinations) which are independent of language.  For example the BB4W assembler consists of approximately 3000 lines in data tables but only 1000 lines or so of code.


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