Re: 64-bit BBC BASIC (again)

Richard Russell

On Fri, Dec 8, 2017 at 06:37 am, Kendall Castor-Perry wrote:

Didn't try the IDE and I'm not used to working in command line mode so wasn't able to probe deeply.
It's rare (but refreshing!) to find somebody whose earliest experiences of BBC BASIC were anything other than 'immediate mode', because that's all you got on the BBC Micro.  But feel free to use in 64-bits mode; as I said it will run although it's rather flaky.  Based on a quick experiment seems to run too, but I've not done any extensive testing.

However if you actually want to run BASIC programs from the IDE you'll have to rename (or copy) bb64.exe to bbcsdl.exe otherwise it won't know where to find the run-time engine. ;-)

just an inconsistency or intentional?
Intentional (you should find that the 32-bit version does exactly the same).  Within BBCSDL the delimiter is consistently a "/" because that's essential to ensure cross-platform compatibility (Windows is happy with "/" but Linux etc. are not happy with "\").  However Windows returns the 'current directory' string with "\" delimiters, as you would expect.  The result is the mixture you noticed.

Windows is the odd-one-out of the platforms supported by BBCSDL because unlike all the others it's not basically Linux under the hood.  The directory delimiter is just one of several features that work slightly differently in Windows (*dir listing the files in alphabetical order is another).


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