Re: Wiggio closing down

Richard Russell

On Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 03:29 pm, Alex Farlie wrote:
I don't think I am a member on the Wikispaces wiki.  If it's anything like Mediawiki installs, export is per page, not per wiki though :( 
It has always been possible to export the entire BB4W Wiki, either as HTML, Wikitext or PDF.  This is one of the reasons (along with the syntax-coloured BBC BASIC code listings, and the lack of advertisements) why I considered it worthwhile to pay to continue to use the Wikispaces service.  If you aren't even a member of the Wiki, I don't think you can really complain about any shortcomings it may have!

Perhaps somebody who has actually bothered to join the Wiki (and there are currently 148 members) can check whether they are able to access the export page or not.  If it turns out that only organisers can (which means me and Jonathan Harston), it isn't exactly difficult to contact one or other of us to arrange an export.  In the past such exports were copied to the Files area of the group (the old Yahoo! group at the time) but I don't think anybody has asked since we migrated to


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