Re: Wiggio closing down

Alex Farlie

On 18/11/2017 17:18, Richard Russell wrote:
On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 04:26 am, Richard Russell wrote:
There are a number of files referenced at the BB4W Wiki which are stored at Wiggio so I will try to remember to move those
I remembered, but despite Wiggio not (at the time) having yet closed the files are no longer accessible; sorry.  There are now quite a lot of links at the Wiki (particularly from the 'Libraries' page) that go nowhere.  Still, if there really are fewer than 20 active users of BB4W worldwide, as seems to be widely believed, it's completely irrelevant.  I might as well close down the Wiki (that will save me some money too) and all the support groups and forums for all the difference it will make.  Farewell BBC BASIC.

If the user base has got to that point (which I don't think it has), at least consider some form of persistent permanent archive for the content, It would be a shame to loose the valuable technical content that's been contributed on the wiki and on the forums. 

It's a major pain in the [REDACTED] that wikispaces, isn't seemingly compatible with the page archiving system.   Some of the forum pages on and are present in archive form. but's crawler seems to also be incompatible with forum style cgi derived links (Sigh).


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