Forces of Darkness - BBCSDL version

Richard Russell

I'm very pleased to announce the release of the BBCSDL version of David Williams' prizewinning video game Forces of Darkness. It may be downloaded as (note that this is a large file, more than 50 Mbytes).

The game will run as a demo on all the supported platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, Android, Amazon Fire TV) but requires a keyboard - or Amazon Fire Remote - in order to be played. When running on a Raspberry Pi or Android device it automatically configures itself to a low memory mode of operation, with reduced features. Even so, you will need to configure the RPi for 256 Mbytes of graphics memory (raspi-config utility).

Forces of Darkness requires BBCSDL v0.19b, which I released today. Attempting to run it with an earlier version will likely give poor results. It makes heavy use of accelerated 2D rendering so the performance will depend very much on the GPU in your PC. I will be interested to learn how well it works compared with David's original.

The principal objective in converting the game has been to demonstrate the capabilities of BBCSDL, and to show that translating a BB4W+GFXLIB program to BBCSDL (or coding a game from scratch) is relatively straightforward. The conversion was achieved largely by replacing GFXLIB calls with exact or near equivalent SDL function calls. The resulting program is 100% BASIC, with no assembler code and no custom libraries or DLLs.

I cannot guarantee that the game is actually playable, since that is not my area of expertise! It is possible that the different (and less accurate) collision-detection mechanism may have affected gameplay; if anybody is able to contribute a recorded 'demo data' file that plays the game to completion I would be pleased to receive it.


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