Wiggio closing down

Richard Russell

Anybody who needs to know should already be aware that Wiggio, which hosts a BB4W support group, is closing on 17th November (I have reason to believe that this time it really will happen, unlike the false alarm in December last year!).

If you are reading this you are evidently subscribed to one of the remaining forums (Conforums or Groups.io) so from that point of view you don't need to take any action. However some of you may have used Wiggio as a files repository (I know I have) so you might want to check whether there are files there that you link to from a website or post, and if so move them elsewhere.

There are a number of files referenced at the BB4W Wiki which are stored at Wiggio so I will try to remember to move those too. If you do find any broken links let me know.


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