BBC BASIC for Windows version 6.11a released

Richard Russell

I'm pleased to announce the release of BBC BASIC for Windows version 6.11a. This is a maintenance release to address a couple of minor issues that have arisen since the release of v6.10a, as follows:

  1. A bug affecting the *HARDCOPY command, which very regrettably was introduced in v6.10a, has been fixed.

  2. The *DISPLAY and *MDISPLAY commands now accept 'top down' BMP files, despite their validity being somewhat doubtful. A recent thread here discussed this issue.

  3. As a bonus side-effect of (2), the *DISPLAY and *MDISPLAY commands can now flip the image horizontally and/or vertically by specifying a negative width and/or height (but not if the 'transparent colour' option is used).

To upgrade your copy of BBC BASIC for Windows to version 6.11a download and install UPGRADE.EXE from here:

You may receive security warnings from Windows. That issue will resolve itself eventually when the files have been downloaded a sufficient number of times for them to have gained a 'reputation' for safety.


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