Re: Displaying the contents of a text file


Richard Russell wrote:
The message you *appear* to be replying to was not approved and was deleted by me (as its
contents were completely false) so I wonder how you saw it. I hope is not sending
out unapproved messages by email!
A bit of experimentation reveals that in RoundCube Mail which I use, 'reply to sender' sends to the list and 'reply to list' sends to the list and the author! It certainly didn't used to do that. It used to be that 'reply to sender' (it may even have explicitly said 'author') sent to the author, and 'reply to list' sent to the list. I wouldn't be surprised if an update changed things recently - or even not so recently.

Checking some other lists I'm shows half do the same, and half both 'reply to sender' and 'reply to list' send solely to the list. I'll have to get my muscle memory to get used to selecting the other reply option.

But this is off topic for this thread, so I'll close here.

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