Re: BBC4W for a Linux

Daniel Bingamon

"Boots straight into BBC Basic", that so much
reminds me of the old school computers boot straight into BASIC.

Daniel Bingamon

At 07:33 AM 12/25/2015, you wrote:

"Stick BBC Basic on it so that it boots straight
into BBC Basic prompt, under what ever interface
you choose, Gui or text, and I think you have a
winner. Even I would probably buy one to play with."

This is a completely different subject. BBC
Basic for Windows or Linux is x86 only. if you
want something that boots directly with Basic on
the Pi, simply use ARM BBC Basic, under RISC OS
Pico or BootToBasic (

But I agree: BBC Basic for x86 Linux, graphical
or console mode (for CGI), is really an
important project. Free or not (of course, it's better if it's free).

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