Re: BBC4W for a Linux

Bob Allison

Hi All

I've just come across this discussion and feel that I ought to chip in. I've dabbled with Linux, Ubuntu, Mint Puppy etc each with strengths and weaknesses.

I saw the Raspberry Pi come to market and thought that it was a great tool for helping people of all ages get into dabbling with computers with simple programming to begin with and the ability to grow via its IO capabilities as the user's skills develop.

This gives me a great sense of De-Ja-Vue because this is acting as a modern re-incarnation of the BBC Micro phenomenon in the 80's.I progressed from cassette to floppy disk storage, drove a 3d router with one etc, etc.

My wife has set me a simple programming challenge over hte Christmas break and I could have downloaded the Android developer kit and learn that, but I've loaded up my BBC Basic originally purchased on floppy disk, run the upgrades and in a couple of days 've got the thing running. Of course now she's suggesting upgrades and modifications, but that the fun f it. And FUN is the key word. I'm actually in clover. It feels like I've put on a rediscovered pair of comfortable slippers and I'm back remembering how to make it do what I want with a modern Windows interface.

The Pi strikes me as being an ideal platform for BBC Basic, and now is the time. I don't have one but I imagine that many have been purchased and played with and probably discarded because of the hassle of it not being very very user friendly.

Stick BBC Basic on it so that it boots straight into BBC Basic prompt, under what ever interface you choose, Gui or text, and I think you have a winner. Even I would probably buy one to play with.

Don't get disheartened by negative comments if the Linux/Unix fanatics can't see the overall benefit ignore them and focus on the Pi where you really could make a difference especially with all the teachers in school who were brought up on BBC Basic.

Sorry about the long post but encouragement is needed


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