Re: BBC4W for a Linux

Richard Russell

---In, <> wrote :
> Having just started playing with a Raspberry Pi I may be sort of
> interested. I see SDL has been installed on the Pi so it should work.

I am not sure whether that was tongue-in-cheek, but of course (and as emphasised repeatedly in these threads) the RPi uses entirely the wrong processor: an ARM rather than an x86 (IA-32-architdecture).

That SDL supports the Raspberry Pi, to a degree, is irrelevant if my BBC BASIC interpreter can't run! It's exactly the same for Android: I am always careful to state Android (86), a rarity compared with the great majority of devices which have ARM CPUs. Admittedly I am less careful always to say Linux (86), but nobody here or at other BB4W forums should be confused, any more than they are by me referring simply to Windows rather than Windows (86).

But do lend your support to the efforts being made to port compatible versions of BBC BASIC to RPi/Linux, notably Brandy and Sophie's ARM version. In fact I think Brandy is already available, although I don't have any details. I need hardly add that if you install RISC OS on the Pi you get BBC BASIC as standard!


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