Re: BBC4W for a Linux

Dave Sergeant

Having just started playing with a Raspberry Pi I may be sort of
interested. I see SDL has been installed on the Pi so it should work.
But being totally new to it and only played occasionally with Linux in
the past, together with never having heard of SDL before you started
this, it may take a little while...

I think the demand is there but don't think it will happen overnight.


On 19 Dec 2015 at 14:33, [bb4w] wrote:

But BBC Basic users will love to get BBC4L

So where are they? I have seen little evidence of any enthusiasm for
it. Like you, I thought there would be some
excitement about the new version, considering how often a Linux version
or a Mac OS version of BBC BASIC have been asked for. Perhaps those
people gave up waiting; to be fair I have always - honestly - said that
I had no plans to create either, so that might have put them off.
Somehow, although I was vaguely aware of SDL, I had not twigged until
very recently that it would allow me to create a Linux version, and
potentially also a Mac OS version, very easily.

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